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Operations and Management Consulting

Emergency Department crowding is the result of mismatches in demands of patient volume and acuity with critical resources. Our patient flow assessment, based on mathematical modeling, will identify the critical bottlenecks that create prolonged waiting times and lead to crowding. 


Any plan without proper execution will fail. We provided implementation services, working with your internal teams and leadership to move you from your current state to a new future state, driving both operational and cultural change.


For those hospitals that have high functioning internal teams but need direction, Joe provides train-the-trainer workshops, an effective strategy for cascading change management across a large organization. 

Results include: 

  • Higher patient satisfaction scores

  • Shorter wait times

  • More efficient patient flow

  • Higher financial performance

  • Improved quality metrics

  • Sustainable solutions to complex problems

  • Actionable data for performance improvement

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